Tips for Manually Installing External SSL w/ GoDaddy cPanel Hosting

Tips for Manually Installing External SSL w/ GoDaddy cPanel Hosting

GoDaddy SSL certificates start at $60/year (discounted).

I chose Comodo from SSLs.com, for $5.88/year. (Read: How to choose the best SSL provider (and why you need SSL))

I followed all the instructions to set up and install my certificate in cPanel, then got a nasty error

“You must use an IP address that is on the server. XX.XX.XX.XX [my IP address] is not bound.”

GoDaddy customer support refused to help me with installing SSL from an external provider (since they want to sell you theirs).

After a lot of pain, I found an answer herehttps://punchsalad.com/ssl-certificate/install-lets-encrypt-godaddy/#issue-use-IP-address

There are a few suggested solutions there. This is what worked for me: I did the last two suggestions (adjusting DNS settings, and uninstalling my preexisting self-signed certificate). After this failed to help, I returned the DNS settings. I tried again, and it worked!

Do I know what, exactly, fixed the issue? No. Is it worth trying this handful of solutions if you encounter the “IP address…is not bound” problem in cPanel? Yes!

Bonus tip:

Don’t forget to head over to Plugins>Add New in WordPress, search “SSL”, and get a plugin that will redirect all your traffic to https:// and automatically adjust a few other settings to ensure you get that prized “🔒 Secure” badge next to your URL.

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