How to choose the best SSL provider (and why you need SSL)

How to choose the best SSL provider (and why you need SSL)

Where to get it:

Most of us are probably choosing between these two: GoDaddy SSL or Comodo SSL? tldr; If you’re using GoDaddy hosting, GoDaddy is easier to set up, but it’s much more expensive, and probably worse.

And here’s a more complete breakdown for those who want more options: TechRadar’s best SSL providers in 2018. (Comodo comes out on top again.)

Why you need it:

As the Server Guy explains, you need SSL because it: 1. Encrypts Sensitive Information…. 2. Protects You From Cybercriminals…. 3. Builds Trust & Brand Power (especially now that Google Chrome throws a big red “🔓Not Secure next to your URL if you don’t have SSL.)

Bonus tip:

After you install your certificate, don’t forget to head over to Plugins>Add New in WordPress, search “SSL”, and get a plugin that will redirect all your traffic to https:// and automatically adjust a few other settings to ensure you get that prized “🔒 Secure” badge next to your URL.

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