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Jetpack and Autoptimize together can make your site SLOW

Solution: deactive Autoptomize, reactivate Autoptomize. You’re welcome! If the problem comes back: deactivate Autoptomize, and don’t reactive it (sorry…).

Yoast: Facebook not displaying specified image

Yoast SEO lets you specify an image (as well as title and description) for when someone posts a link to your site (you can set these parameters for each page and post separately). But sometimes you set the custom image in Yoast and it doesn’t work. You likely just need to go to Facebook’s debug…
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Solution: Can’t find “contact form shortcode” in WordPress Customizer

Contact form will be displayed here. To activate it you have to set the “contact form shortcode” parameter in Customizer. Okay… but what if you CAN’T FIND the “contact form shortcode” parameter in customizer?! Solution: just click on that box, then enter the code (see image above). So easy, but so not obvious. (source of…
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.com or .org?! – The Definitive Explanation of WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

If you’re creating your first website with WordPress, it can be confusing and frustrating trying to figure out the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Or worse, you might find yourself deep into the process on one or the other before you even realize there were two options — and you chose the wrong one! It’s…
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Tips for Manually Installing External SSL w/ GoDaddy cPanel Hosting

GoDaddy SSL certificates start at $60/year (discounted). I chose Comodo from SSLs.com, for $5.88/year. (Read: How to choose the best SSL provider (and why you need SSL)) I followed all the instructions to set up and install my certificate in cPanel, then got a nasty error:  “You must use an IP address that is on…
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How to choose the best SSL provider (and why you need SSL)

Where to get it: Most of us are probably choosing between these two: GoDaddy SSL or Comodo SSL? tldr; If you’re using GoDaddy hosting, GoDaddy is easier to set up, but it’s much more expensive, and probably worse. And here’s a more complete breakdown for those who want more options: TechRadar’s best SSL providers in 2018.…
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